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Plan your proposal with Punting Cambridge

Planning a proposal in this day and age isn’t easy. You want to make it unique and memorable but everything you think of has been done in the movies so many times that it’s become cheesy. Part of you wants to go for a straightforward proposal in a restaurant but the other part is aware that proposing in public means an audience and an audience means even more pressure.

Never fear, we are there for you. What could be more romantic than a private punting tour of Cambridge? Picture the scene: your chauffeur has stopped in a secluded spot, the wind is whispering in the trees. Who knows, maybe you’ve hidden a solo violinist on the punt? You pop the question. How could she/he possibly refuse? When the ring is safely on her (or his) finger we can shower you with roses and uncork a bottle of chilled champagne. Now that’s a tale to tell the grandchildren.

Romantic / Proposal Punt

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