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We would never hesitate to tell you that a punting tour of Cambridge is an unmissable way of enjoying the college backs, gardens and bridges of the university. We are forced to acknowledge however that we face certain limitations. In order to get a complete overview of the city, you need to spend at least a little time on dry land.

The very best way to see the city is on foot. There are numerous walking tours of Cambridge that depart regularly throughout the day. If you would like to combine your Punting Cambridge tour with a walking tour we will be more than happy to make a booking for you. Public tours are often free but if you require a private tour you will be required to have a minimum party size and may be asked to pay for the personal attention.

We always ask our patrons to bare in mind that even when the walking tour itself is free, entry into the colleges, galleries or museums may not be and that it is always wise to have some funds available in order to avoid disappointment.

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